Mutual Funds: The Growing Craze of SIP Investments

Mutual Funds: The Growing Craze of SIP Investments

Amidst the consistent bullish trend in the stock market, investors are increasingly turning towards Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) under mutual funds. In the financial year 2022-23, investments in mutual funds through SIPs amounted to ₹1.56 lakh crore, marking a significant increase from ₹1.24 lakh crore in the previous year 2021-22, and ₹96,080 crore in 2020-2021. … Read more

Managing Exchange Rate Volatility: Fed’s Dilemma and Market Dynamics Unveiled

Managing Exchange Rate Volatility: Fed's Dilemma and Market Dynamics Unveiled

Highlights: Concerns Over Exchange Rate Volatility: Federal Reserve officials are worried about stalled progress on exchange rate volatility, prompting discussions on the need for a prolonged period of strict monetary policy to control price increases. Uncertainty Over Exchange Rate Stability: There is uncertainty among policymakers about whether high exchange rates will persist, with recent data … Read more

Indian Equity Market Analysis – April 12, 2024

Indian Equity Market Analysis - April 12, 2024

Indian Equity Market Analysis – April 12, 2024: Caution Advised Amid Overbought Conditions As per the technical chart of Nifty, the Indian equity market appears to be on the overbought side. Traders are advised to approach trading at these levels with caution. Several Indian agencies have expressed concerns about the current behaviour of the market, … Read more

TCS Q4FY24 Earnings Preview: Key Factors to Watch

TCS Q4FY24 Earnings Preview

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), India’s largest IT services company, is gearing up to announce its fourth-quarter results on April 12. As the industry eagerly awaits the outcome, here are the top five factors that will likely shape the discussion around TCS’ performance and future outlook. 1. Revenue Growth: TCS’ Q4 revenue is anticipated to hover … Read more

ICICI Bank Explains Efforts to Inform Shareholders on ICICI Securities Delisting

ICICI Bank informing shareholders about ICICI Securities delisting proposal

ICICI Bank has been reaching out to shareholders of ICICI Securities to ensure they’re informed about the delisting proposal and upcoming e-vote. This transparency aims to maximize shareholder participation in this critical decision. What to Know: ICICI Bank wants shareholders to be well-informed before voting. The share exchange ratio is based on a joint valuation … Read more