MSCI India Index Update: 13 New Entries Bolster Investor Confidence

Overview of MSCI India Index Changes

The MSCI (Morgan Stanley Capital International) India Index, a benchmark for global equity portfolios, has recently announced a significant reshuffle, slated to take effect by the end of trading on May 31, 2024. This update includes the addition of 13 companies, indicating a refreshing shift in the constituents that define the burgeoning potential of India’s corporate landscape.

Companies Joining the MSCI India Index

The companies making their entry into the MSCI India Index are notable for their diverse industry backgrounds, promising broader exposure for investors:

  • Bosch Ltd: A leader in automotive components and technology solutions.
  • Canara Bank: A state-owned financial institution with a robust banking network.
  • Indus Towers: India’s largest telecom tower company.
  • Jindal Stainless: A top manufacturer of stainless steel in India.
  • JSW Energy: A major player in the power sector, focusing on renewable energy.
  • Mankind Pharma: One of India’s leading pharmaceutical firms.
  • NHPC Ltd: A key hydroelectric power company in India.
  • PB Fintech: Known for its insurance and financial services platforms, Policybazaar and Paisabazaar.
  • Phoenix Mills: A pioneer in retail-led mixed-use properties.
    Solar Industries India: A major firm in industrial explosives and explosive-initiating systems.
  • Sundaram Finance: A trusted name in finance services, particularly in vehicle financing.
  • Thermax: An engineering company providing energy and environment solutions.
  • Torrent Power: One of the leading brands in the Indian power sector.

These companies have demonstrated significant growth and resilience, contributing to their selection for inclusion in the index.


Companies Exiting the MSCI India Index

On the flip side, the update also sees the exclusion of three companies:

  • Berger Paints: Despite its strong market presence in the paints sector, Berger Paints has been removed.
  • Indraprastha Gas: The primary provider of compressed natural gas in New Delhi and adjoining areas.
  • One97 Communications: Best known for its flagship product, Paytm, a leader in digital payments in India.

Market Impact and Investor Sentiment

The inclusion of new companies has already begun to resonate positively within the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), with most of the new entrants experiencing a surge in their stock prices. This recalibration in the MSCI India Index reflects a strategic alignment with changing market dynamics and emerging sectors poised for growth.

The adjustments in the index components, decided by MSCI’s rigorous methodology, ensure that the index mirrors the current economic landscape and investment opportunities. This reconstitution is crucial for investors using the MSCI India Index as a guideline for allocating funds across their global equity portfolios.


The updated MSCI India Index is a testament to the evolving Indian market, which continues to attract significant global investment interest. For investors, these changes provide a fresh perspective on potential high-growth areas in the Indian economy. As the market adjusts to these entries and exits, the impact will likely influence investment strategies and decisions, promising interesting developments for both local and international stakeholders in the coming months.

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